Terms and conditions

LX Rent general terms and conditions of hire agreement

LXRS – LX Rent a Scooter, sociedade unipessoal Lda (hereinafter referred to as the “Hirer” or “LX Rent”) with is headquarters on Rua Aristides de Sousa Mendes nº. 8 2º. Esq. 1600-413 Lisboa, rents to the person(s) identified in the Rental Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer, Lessee or Driver”) the vehicle described therein (hereinafter referred to as the “Vehicle or Motorcycle”), in accordance with the terms and conditions specified below and in any attachments thereto that the Lessee acknowledges, agrees to and, upon signing, undertakes to observe and respect.

1. Age and driving license category

The driver must be at least 18 years old, be licensed to drive the specific vehicle is willing to rent and have adequate experience on a motorcycle with the size and power similar to the one they wish to rent. It is the Customer responsibility to ensure that he is licensed to drive the specific model he is willing to rent.

A driving license information chart is available at the rental station desk.

2. Booking

LX Rent will make every possible effort to supply the reserved vehicle during the rented period. If by major force LX Rent is unable to provide the Customer with the reserved vehicle model, an equivalent model can replace the one that is booked. If this model has a lower category than the model initially reserved by the lessee LX Rent will refund the difference of the rental value of the replacement vehicle. If the rental category of the replacement vehicle is higher than the vehicle initially reserved by the lessee this difference will be supported by LX rent

3. Delivery and return

Delivery and return of vehicles must be done at the address, day and hour specified on the particular conditions of Rental agreement.

If the lessee pretends to extend the rental period, they should contact LX Rent at least 24 hours in advance. Depending from fleet availability, LX Rent may or may not authorize the period extension at an agreed rate.

Failure to do so without prior notice will be considered disappearance of the vehicle which will be immediately reported to the authorities and punished by law.

Early returns do not give the lessee the right to receive the payment of the rental period missing.

4. LX Rent liability

LX Rent must deliver the motorcycle in correct and safe technical conditions for circulation. The lessee must receive the documents of the vehicle and accessories chosen.

LX Rent should check and accept existing damages that are defined in writing on the Vehicle Condition Document as part of the handover procedure.

5. Customer liability

The customer is liable for ensuring that he is legally entitled to drive a motorcycle. A valid driving license as well as identity card or passport must be presented by the lessee. This license must be valid in the countries where the Client will drive the motorcycle. The lessee is responsible for all fines and penalties and legal fees for traffic irregularities or other breaches of law during the rental period of the motorcycle. LX Rent will charge the Client for any penalty and has the responsibility to inform the authority’s Customer´s identity or any other information regarding the rental agreement.


It is the customer responsibility to ensure that the rented motorcycle:

Shall be used according to manufacturer's recommendations

Shall be used in full respect of highway codes of the countries in which it is driven

Shall not be used negligently

Shall not carry more passengers than its approved capacity allows

Shall not be used for racing or competition

Shall not be used off road, out of conventional roads

Shall not be used for illegal purposes

Shall not carry more weight than it is allowed.

Shall not be used by anyone else except by Customers stated in the rental contract

Shall not be used if its mechanical condition is deemed unsafe

Shall not be used after consumption of drugs or alcohol or other narcotic substances.

Shall not be used when the Client's physical conditions are weakened by fatigue or illness.

Failure to comply with any of the preceding paragraphs involves the immediate cancellation of insurance and Customer accountability on the total value of the motorcycle and accessories.

6. Insurance.

On rental rates the following insurance liabilities are included:

Insurance amount excess for damages by fall or collision as well as complete loss or theft is set by the guarantee deposit kept by LX Rent and specified on the rental agreement which value varies accordingly to the rented model.

In any case, this liability covers damages theft or loss for accessories rented such as Helmets, GPS devices, jackets, etc.

The insurance amount excess can be reduced by subscribing a reduction damages/theft/complete loss coverage which reduces to a lower value the amount excess depending from the vehicle model rented

In any case the amount excess value is the maximum responsibility taken by the customer as far as damages, complete loss or theft are concerned. 

Insurance policy will be automatically considered without effect if:

The Customer leaves the scene of an accident in which he has been involved.

The Customer does not immediately report to the authorities and LX Rent theft or disappearance of the motorcycle or accessories

The rented motorcycle was intentionally damaged by the Customer or someone for whom you are responsible

The vehicle is involved in an accident and the Customer fails to notify LX Rent at the earliest possible time.

Vehicle is piloted under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or other narcotic substances

Vehicle is piloted in areas not authorized by LX Rent as unpaved roads and racing circuits or out of Portuguese territory.

If the Customer does not comply with the requirements stipulated in point 6 of these terms relating to the Client's responsibility.

7. Reservation cancelation

All reservations made through LX Rent website can be cancelled by LX Rent or by the customer providing they are done at least with 24h anticipation from rental starting date/hour. For that, customer can access to his “Private Area” and cancel reservation or contact LX Rent reservation center through email address info@lxrent.pt or phone number 00351 917249806

No cancellation tax (except bank taxes if applied) will be applied for any cancelation request done before 24h of rental starting date.

8 Refund Policy

Received payments are automatically processed when the reservation cancelation takes place. If possible refunds will be done the same way payment has been processed; otherwise customer should provide payment proof as well as his bank account date so LX Rent will be able to do a Bank Transfer.

LX Rent will refund all received values, except bank taxes, on a maximum period of 5 working days 

No refunds will be done if rental date/hour termination is anticipated, if customer fails to appear for pick up the motorbike or if cancelation is asked with less than 24h f anticipation

Every subjects concerning refunds can be addressed to email address info@lxrent.pt or through phone number 00351 917249806

9. Mechanical failure

In the case of a mechanical failure, customer must contact LX Rent stating your location accurately and with detailed information about the failure. If repair is necessary and possible, you must obtain LX Rent consent before making such repair.

If repair is not possible, LX Rent will seek to replace the damaged motorcycle at the earliest possible opportunity.

LX Rent will refund the value of the corresponding rental to the period when the motorcycle was immobilized due to the possible failure. If for any reason the replacement is not possible, LX Rent will reimburse you for the rental days not enjoyed.

Reimbursements or replacement of the motorcycle are excluded if are due to accidents or mechanical failures caused by falls or negligent use, of the motorcycle.

10. I am aware that the Vehicle may be equipped with a geo-location device (GPS) that may be used in the event of non-performance, theft or the crossing of borders.

11. All transactions made through our website, either by ATM, PayPal or direct payments by credit or debit card (Visa and MasterCard) are processed by an external company called Easypay (www.easypay.pt)

 12. In the event of a dispute between the Customer and LX Rent it shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Portugal and both Customer and LX Rent agree to establish the courts of the judicial district of Lisbon to resolve any disputes arising from the agreement, to the express exclusion of any other.

General Note About Payments

All payments transactions triggered by our website, either through ATM or credit/debit cards (visa/mastercard), are processed by third party companies known as PayPal (www.paypal.com) and EasyPay (www.easypay.pt).